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Joint venture alliance

A trusting partnership adding value to the entire CTV ecosystem

Like-minded partners are joining forces to create a balanced CTV ecosystem.

Together, Mission 1 is accelerating growth of the leading CTV OS and the streaming service in partnership.

A unique model in the CTV industry where AI-enabled innovation meets collaboration in combination with a fair sharing mechanism.

A trusting partnership model with CTV brands and CTV supply chain

Mission 1 grants TV brands around the globe a unique share of all platform revenues. Based on the game-changing CTV operating system Whale OS:

  • Approaching 100 million devices running on Whale OS.
  • No hardware competition: not before and not in the future.
  • No risk of being squeezed by the trillion media Death Stars.
  • No government influenced.
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An alliance to protect the interest of content publishers and creators

Together, Mission 1 is developing a must-carry worldwide streaming service.

Mission 1 offers a state of the art, ready-to deploy AVOD and FAST tech platform with flexibility to add other financing models.

Designed for where the market is and where it is going.

Mission 1 is a unique opportunity to generate long-term sustainable earnings for all Mission 1 Members

Paired with an exceptional revenue share program and terms above the industry average,
Mission 1 creates a co-owner-like participation.


caring by sharing:

Mission 1 donates a share of revenues to the Valo Foundation advancing projects around the world in sustainability and education.

Mission 1: A unique revenue stream for you and for good.


Armed with decades of valuable expertise and a deep understanding in the Smart TV market that predates Android or Amazon entering the space.

Worldwide portfolio and close connection to all local CTV brands in every market that will allow Mission 1 to become a movement.

Strong, trusted relationships with key decision makers including local and regional content providers.

World-class executive team with expertise in finance, investment management and private markets.

Extensive knowledge of the entire TV and Living Room Value Chain.

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Dirk Wittenborg

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Mehmet Eroğlu

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Carlos Nebot Cabedo

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